Getting to Know You

Research shows that there is a strong relationship between a company’s ability to understand what stage it is in;  the leadership ability to tackle opportunities, challenges and problems; and business results.

We  use a number of organizational assessment and leadership assessment tools, in conjunction with qualitative processes such as interviews, focus groups and workout sessions. Our assessments help you identify and manage competing short and long term challenges along this tumultuous, complex, exciting road. The analytics provided will help you and your team zero in on the key initiatives to help you transition to the next stage of development.  We can also develop customized tools that may be specific to your business.  We partner with you to customize learning and  organizational objectives,  the assessment tool set and the overall engagement process. Some of our  tools include:

DiSC and Everything DiSC - Authorized Partner Everything DiSC.

TTI Success Insights

Leadership Agility 360 –  Assesses individual and collective leadership agility of you and your team., Many experts believe agility is the most important capability to meet the increasing pace of change and complexity leaders face.


RBL360 – Integrating theory, applied research and practice, the Leadership Code provides a personalized map of your leadership DNA.