Growing Your Business

Success breeds success.  It’s the entrepreneur’s mantra.  Double- or triple-digit growth benefits your customers, your workforce and your investors.  What we’ve learned, often the hard way, is rapid growth in revenue and employees can limit further growth. Why? Because there is insufficient balanced investment in the firm’s organizational capabilities. 
Simply, firms go through transitions as new ventures emerge, build momentum and grow market share.  These transitions require firm specific business priorities be addressed and addressed in a timely fashion.  The experience of growth leads naturally to “growing pains.” These growing pains are signals that your firm may be about to transition from one stage of development to the next. 

Growing pains result from success not failure, but signal underlying issues that can stall growth.  From his research, Eric Flamholtz states, “A simple rule of thumb is that when an organization doubles in size, it requires a different infrastructure.”  When this adjustment does not happen, organizational growing pains will increase in size and severity.
These growing pains can be heard in the “not enough” drumbeat…not enough people, not enough time, and notenough money to assure that goals are achieved and issues resolved…so you scramble and find yourself or an already stretched member of your team “doing it yourself” by seeking out “best practice” solutions.
Here’s the rub. The solutions don’t seem to fit your firm. Here’s why. Solutions which fit the growth needs of large, well-established firms were developed and designed when those firms were already large and established.