Our Approach

Our approach to supporting our clients is unique and effective in supporting the CEO’s challenges in growing the firms.  After getting an initial lay of the land, utilizing valuable and proprietary assessment tools as well at participation in key forums and meetings with the firm’s difference makers, we provide the leadership team with a perspective on the key growth challenges over the next 18-24 months.

But that’s not all

After developing a ‘growing pains’ action plan with the senior team, we stick around with the firm for 2-6 days per month helping to implement these action plans.  We deepen our understanding of the firm, its challenges and employees.  That understanding, or becoming an ‘insider,’ gives our clients trusted  resources in managing planned, and unplanned, triggers of change. The ability of the leadership team to respond to the sudden shifts in the landscape often separates the high performing enterprises from the rest.  From this point on we become ‘insiders on demand’ able to quickly respond to the needs of the client in a very rapid and cost-effective way.

What are these triggers of change? They include ‘macro triggers’ such as shifts in markets, customer preference, competitive ecosystems and technology. They also include ‘micro triggers’, key employee turnover, adding new personalities, collaboration and trust, organizational structure and cultural/ location differences. The ability to effectively respond to these challenges is requisite.  We are part of the response.